We’re all about making sure our patients have the highest quality and the most comfortable care at Vetter Dental. One way we’re able to do this is by keeping up with and investing in the latest technology when it  comes to dental equipment. Read on to learn about how our digital scanning equipment allows us to take impressions.

All About Impressions

Impressions are molds of the mouth that are made for procedures such as crowns, implants, bridges, and invisalign. Without impressions, there would be no way to ensure that a new crown, set of aligners, etc. would fit in your mouth perfectly.

There are two ways to create impressions: goop and scanning. Goop is a physical rubbery substance placed into the mouth. Here’s how it works: The patient bites down for five minutes. After five minutes, the mold is removed from the mouth, mailed to a lab, and later sent back to the dentist’s office. This type of impression is only good for a short period of time, and sometimes isn’t accurate. It’s also common for this process to be uncomfortable (some patients have even gagged).

The Perfect First Impression

Scanning dental impressions is a digital process that’s much faster and more comfortable than goop. If a patient needs to take a break during the procedure, it’s easy to stop for a few minutes, whereas with goop, patients have to wait until their impression is set. Patients can view the results with the dentist directly on a screen, and the impressions can be emailed to the lab and back to the dentist’s office. The entire process is streamlined, making it faster and more accurate.

Overall, scanning dental impressions is a win-win for both the dentist and the patient. We’re happy to say that this is a procedure we offer at Vetter Dental in Fargo, so if you ever need dental impressions taken, you can always count on accurate results.

If you’re ready to make an appointment to have impressions made for an upcoming dental procedure or have questions about our other services, reach out to us any time! We’d love to hear from you.